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A Brief History of UMH and Manufactured Homes

In the 1920’s “trailer coaches” began to provide American’s with a readymade place to stay while they were camping. These trailers were used during World War II to house factory workers that were manufacturing supplies for the military. After the war, there was not an affordable option for veterans. At this time, the home was still able to be moved rather easily from location to location. In the 1960’s consumer’s wanted bigger and better mobile homes. The product began to incorporate modern appliances and amenities. Realizing the oncoming boom of the industry Eugene Landy founded United Mobile Homes, Inc. (Now known as UMH Properties, Inc.). The Mobile Home industry was bound to succeed because of its unique ability to provide affordable housing to the masses. Mobile homes were a great form of housing for young families. The Mobile Home era ended on June 15, 1976 when HUD Code was enacted. HUD Code is a federal standard that regulates the construction quality of the homes. This code is arguably stricter than many of the local building codes that stick built homes must comply with. In 1980 Congress officially adopted the term manufactured housing in an attempt to make it clear that this should be considered a building and not a vehicle.

UMH has been in business since 1968, operating as a public company since 1985.The company offers extensive experience in developing, managing and expanding manufactured housing communities. This experience provides residents with an affordable, clean and safe community lifestyle that they can be proud of. UMH is proud of our ability to reinvest in our communities and provide our residents with a top of the line manufactured housing community.

In 1985, UMH Properties, Inc. became a public company. At the time the company owned 13 communities consisting of 2675 home sites. Sam Landy was named President of UMH Properties, Inc. in 1994. In 2001, UMH owned 25 communities consisting of almost 6,000 home sites. Also in 2001, UMH Sales and Finance, Inc. commenced so that we could sell these quality homes and provide financing to our prospective residents. Today, UMH owns and operates 89 communities consisting of 15,200 home sites. It is clear that UMH Properties, Inc. has a long history of delivering quality affordable housing and a friendly community lifestyle to our residents. We have seen the ups and downs of real estate and are able to navigate both. UMH Properties, Inc. has been around for over 45 years and our operations are stronger than ever despite the difficult economic climate and the regulations imposed on the industry. Our long history has given us the experience necessary to grow our company, continually offer the best communities and satisfy our residents.

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